More Tamiya Hummer Photos


As with the Batmobile, the R/C Tamiya Hummer is a popular page on this site, so I've added some more photos.

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i like hummers so much i am glad i bought one last week.

hummers are so cool because they are fast and they are very big. i bought a 23 passanger white hummer limmo. 245,000 dollars for the limmo.

i am a big fan of hummers because i am in the military.

kiss my ass honda civics

where are the additional hummer photos?

They're on the Tamiya Hummer page, under the "More Photos section at the end.

Very nice web page. 5 stars...

I didn't have the choice to buy a hummer after visiting your web site...

Hi i live in uk and i wont to by a tamiya hummer but i don't now where anybody knows any shops in uk? thanks

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