I Have Several Google GMail Invites Available


Want to use Google GMail? I have several invites available. E-mail me or leave a comment and I'll send you one.

Update: all gone. Check out the isnoop.net gmail invite spooler, though, to get one.

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would you send me one of those gmail invites?

please send me a invitation.

pliz hook me up with gmail.. i've been e-globe trotting for that shizzle for a long tizzle, and im trully gettin frustratd and dizzy.. for dizzle ma nizzle. hook a brotha up.

please send me invite

much thanks

Can i have one on jdindian@hotmail.com


Please can I have an invite. My email address is aldeia@iname.com

Please! I no i sound desperate! It would make my day!


Do you have any of the G-mail invites left?
If you do so, please send me one to flor_piper@yahoo.com.ar

Appreciate a gmail invite if you have any.


I would appreciate a gmail invite. Thanks so much!

Hi! I'd really appreciate a gmail account if you have some left. thank you. =)

Would love to get a Gmail invite!! Thanks.

I would appreciate a gmail invite. Thanks very much!

please send me gmail invite my job is with email and i realy nead it

iam Appreciate if u send me invitition for gamail thanx buddy progtest@hotmail.com

please i need an invition desperately.

please could you send me an invitation for gmail account?, I really need it.

pls send me one invite thanks....

Hi!Can I have an invite. please give me an gmail invite.Tanks very much.

please send me gmail invite
To Phao_thu_than_cong2004@yahoo.com
Thanks !

can you invite me to gmail please....

please send me gmail invite.
It,s vital for me

please send me invition of gmail....thanks in advance & best wishes

i'm in need of a gmail due to the large attachment i get for my projects at school... hope to get an invite soon. thanks

Please Sendme an invition.thank you

Hi people.. anyone with an invite to gmail to spare.. would really appreciate it.. I'm at snehaoum at yahoo dot com

Hello! Can you please help me to get gmail. I need and invite and you said you can give me one? Please let me know.

Thank you so much!!!

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