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A few years ago I discovered the Woodscapes kits. They are nifty, but very messy to complete. There are also a lot of small pieces, so the last project that I did I had to worry about Pinball knocking the pieces around and losing them on me.

The kit consists of wood planks burned with all of the puzzle pieces, pigments to mix for your colors, and instructions. The first step is to label all of the pieces numerically per the instructions. My kits were between about 100 and 250 pieces. Then, you have to separate all of the pieces according to the color they will be tinted- there are about 25 colors.

The kit contains several pigments (including red, blue, yellow, and umber) and acrylic base to mix up the tints for the wooden pieces. I found this step to be messy and tedious. I enjoyed mixing the first 5 or even 10 colors, but I almost wish that the colors were pre-mixed like a paint by number set.

After all of the pieces are stained and dry, they are glued together like a puzzle, framed, and voila you have your Woodscape picture!

One final note- I find that these kits are terribly overpriced. I have only bought them with a 50% off coupon from my local craft store. I suggest that if you are interested in them, you do the same.

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Which local craft store sells the woodscapes? I can't find them anywhere but Herrschners which is far away

I used to be able to find them at AC Moore and Michaels, but I don't think that they carry them anymore. You can order them online from Herrschners through their catalog.

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