Walt Disney World: Picture of the Day

Update: Friday, October 29

Our last day... sniff, sniff. We started at MGM Studios and spent the majority of the day at the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. This guy, I'm guessing, is a World Showcase player. We found him outside of Italy doing a little comedy sketch and giving away chocolates. To the funny Italian man: if you ever see this, I apologize for posting a photo of you with your mouth open, but we found it worthy enough to be our final Picture of the Day.

Thursday, October 28

Ugh! Only one more day left! The week has definitely gone by too fast! Well, we went to Sea World today, and we were pretty disappointed with the park. The coolest part was when I fed the sea lions.

But, today's picture of the day is from the Shamu show. The whales generally did 3 behaviors over and over again. Of course my favorite part was when they spun in the air, but my camera could not focus fast enough to take a photo. This photo is the only one I got- and of course it appears to be something totally different than what we saw. Who knew that a 6000 pound whale can levetate?

Wednesday, October 27

Today we started at the Magic Kingdom and went on to MGM Studios. Today's Picture of the Day is of a bird that we saw while exploring Tom Sawyer Island in Frontierland. I'm not sure what type of bird it is, but we have seen a lot of them.

Tuesday, October 26

(Sorry it's a day late...) On Tuesday, we drove out to Kennedy Space Center. Dan took this picture at the last stage in our bus tour at the Apollo/Saturn V Building.

Monday, October 25

Today, we spent most of the day at Animal Kingdom. If you are not aware, the center of Animal Kingdom is a sculpture called the Tree of Life which has many different types of animals carved into it. Inside, you can watch a 3-D show called It's Tough to Be a Bug! starring Flik from A Bug's Life.

Sunday, October 24

Today we visited Epcot. While roaming the park we had the oppotrunity to send electronic postcards; this is one of them!

Saturday, October 23

Greetings from Disney World! I thought that it would be a good idea to do a "Picture of the Day" thing on the website since some of you mentioned that you would be looking for our travelogue relatively soon. Hopefully this feature will hold you over until the entire story with photos can be published. :)

Today's picture is a tribute to all of my chocoholic friends. Tonight we had dinner at the Big River Grille and Brewery at Disney's Boardwalk. The food was ok, but my dessert was to die for! From bottom to top, it's chocolate sauce, Oreo brownie, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and chocolate chips! The best part was the sauce--if it wasn't improper, I would have licked the plate clean!

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