Nikon TC-E15ED 1.5× Teleconverter Review


The Nikon TC-E15ED is a 1.5× teleconverter lens for the Nikon Coolpix 5700, amongst others. The lens gets screwed on to the camera with an adapter (in the case of the 5700, it's a Nikon UR-E8 adapter). A 52 mm filter thread is on the end of the lens. The 5700's lens extends to 71.2 mm (in the 35 mm format, that's a 280 mm-equivalent lens). With the teleconverter, that range is extended to 106.8 mm, or 420 mm-equivalent. The thumbnail at the right shows the comparative difference.

I shot these images in manual mode at 1/15 second and f4.2-4.7 at ISO 100 with my Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera.

Without the teleconverter and shot at full telephoto (71.2 mm/280 mm-equivalent), the scene appears as at the right. Click the thumbnail to download the original 1.7 MB jpeg.

With the TC-E15ED teleconverter, usable zoom range is reduced. At 38 mm (148 mm-equivalent), slight vignetting (darkening of the corners) can be seen in the upper right-hand corner. Note that 38/148 mm is according to the camera--without the teleconverter 1.5× factor. With the teleconverter factored in, the actual focal length is 57 mm, 222 mm-equivalent. Download the original 1.8 MB jpeg by clicking the thumbnail at the right.

No vignetting is apparent at 41 mm, 161 mm-equivalent. This creates an apparent zoom of 61.5 mm, or 241.5 mm-equivalent. In other words, you have an apparent usable zoom range with the teleconverter of 61.5 to 106.8 mm; 241.5 to 420 mm-equivalent. Download the original jpeg by clicking the thumbnail at the right.

Finally, zoomed all the way in, this is the 106.8 mm (420 mm-equivalent) view. Click the thumbnail at the right for the original 1.6 MB jpeg image.

Comparing the with- and without-teleconverter images quickly shows that both appear sharp (though many leaves were windswept) and have good contrast and good saturation. I'm happy with the results of the Nikon TC-E15ED teleconverter.

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