Jewelboxing the Christmas DVD

A while ago I learned about the Jewelboxing system. I ordered a set of the "Kings" (DVD cases and inserts) to help me make a DVD with this year's Christmas movie. The Jewelboxing cases are a bit different than the normal DVD cases you see, which I thought would add to the presentation. The result is what you see at the right.

I assembled the booklet, trayliner, and DVD label with Adobe Photoshop. On the DVD label is a photo of a slice of our 2003 Christmas tree, which we turned into an ornament. The background of the trayliner and booklet is a photo of wrapping paper (scaled down quite a bit). On the cover of the booklet are a few of the ornaments we've collected in the past few years. I printed each piece on the Jewelboxing perforated paper that was included with the Kings, fit them in the case, and I was done!

The text on the back of the trayliner (not visible in the photos) is some brief text about each of the three movies. The text visible on the booklet when the case is open (visible at the right) is credits for the music in each of the movies. And inside the booklet (also not shown here) is the slimmed-down version of What Christmas is as we Grow Older by Charles Dickens, as heard in Christmas 2003.

The DVD itself was made with Adobe Encore DVD. For the menu background I took a photo of part of this year's tree. All three (2001, 2002, 2003) Christmas movies are included on the disc. The result is the screenshot at the right.

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