Gifts in a Jar


Over the last year or two, I've experimented with mixes in bags and jars as gifts. I have bought several "cookbooks" with recipes for the mixes. I have bought several booklets from Current Catalog. We try to test the recipes before we give them away, but sometimes I just make them, give them, and hope for the best.

One year for Christmas we made gift baskets that included a mix for herb butter, a spice mix for a steak rub, a chicken-flavored rice mix, and a cornbread mix. All of the recipients loved it!

I have also made the banana bread and ginger bread in a jar. Those seem to go over well too.

This year, I did several different gift baskets and gift bags that included gifts in a jar. For the women in our lives, I made a basket that included a homemade candle, homemade soap, and a jar of hand mixed bath salts. For their male counterparts, they received a plastic bucket filled with spice mixes for dips, homemade mustard, and the gingerbread in a jar. I also put together gift bags for the ladies at work and at scouts that included a little tree, a box filled with ornaments, and an oatmeal spice cookie mix in a jar.

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