2004 Statistics


This is the first complete calendar year that danandsherree.com has been around, and it's seen a humongous amount of growth. Below are a bunch of graphs plotting the growth--both in terms of site content and visitors.

From January to December, the number of visitors per month grew nearly 10-fold! At the end of the month of January, a total of about 1,139 people visited the site for an average of 34 per day. Those numbers have grown to roughly 9,337 visitors at the end of December, with an average of 301 per day.

The graph showing bandwidth transferred looks pretty much the same as the visitors graph. In January, just over 234 MB of data were downloaded from the site, averaging about 7.5 MB each day. By December, the month-long total came to almost 2,200 MB downloaded, averaging about 74 MB per day.

Even though the growth in the first quarter of the year looks a little stagnant, it definitely wasn't--it's just unrepresentative of actual traffic. During that time I did a lot of refining and tweaking to how the site worked as well as what traffic I was specifically monitoring. In other words, January's actual visitors is lower than what you see here. By late April, I was getting accurate feedback on visits.

Excluding the front page and RSS newsfeeds, here's a list of the most popular page each month:

A list of the 10 most popular pages of the year looks a little different:

  1. Court of Honor Ceremonies, 2,835 views.
  2. Tamiya Grasshopper, 2,537 views.
  3. Photo Galleries, 2,425 views.
  4. Bachman's R/C Toys Batmobile, 2,371 views.
  5. Nikon Coolpix 5700 Review, 1,910 views.
  6. Tamiya M1025 Hummer, 1,833 views.
  7. Scout Skills Jeopardy, 1,829 views.
  8. Tamiya Bullhead, 1,815 views.
  9. Scanning Slides and Negatives: Comparing Film and Flatbed Scanners, 1,577 views.
  10. Our Dell Inspiron 1100 Notebook Computer Kept Overheating, 1,330 views.

The year's most popular search terms:

  1. tamiya grasshopper
  2. transformer timeline
  3. tamiya bullhead
  4. boy scout court of honor
  5. tamiya hummer

Lastly, the browsers people use to visit the site. What a drop in Internet Explorer's usage, and what a rise in Mozilla usage! "Mozilla" includes, Firefox and all of its relatives. Safari, Opera and Netscape user's are all an extreme minority. Opera and Netscape are holding quite steady, but Safari usage has been growing--slowly, but still growing.

If you want to draw your own conclusions, you can look at the site statistics here.

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