Racing in the Powder Puff Derby


This year, Sherree and I decided to participate in the Powder Puff Derby (the Girl Scout equivalent of the Pinewood Derby--in fact, we even used the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Kits). I modeled my car after Greased Lightning from the movie Grease; Sherree more-or-less followed a plan she found in a book.

We made heavy use of the Dremel tool and its sanding and carving tips, though we also used a few saws, clamps and other tools to build our cars. I used a drill to polish the axels and wheels and assembled them with a little graphite to help them spin easier. We both used some extra wood to make fenders. Sherree bought a little driver for her car, while I used two Lego people (to represent Danny and Sandy). I also used a piece of leather to make the convertible top and plastic for a windshield. Some photos of the building process:

In the end, out of the 15 or so cars in the "adult class," Sherree's blue and silver car placed sixth and Greased Lightning placed fourth. We did get participation ribbons, though. To be eliminated, your car had to lose three times. Sherree and I actually only raced against each other one time, and in that race she beat me! (See the last photo, below.)

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hey! i am going 2 make a really cool one and mines is going 2 be pink. i this site!

This looks like something sort of fun!!!

thanks for the info. i'm going to build a car for our derby in jan.

are you cheating if you add different wheels or metal washers or something? i need to know for this year!

Hi, I am a new Daisy Girl Scout troop leader and was wondering if the girl scouts have different rules for the derby race than the Cub Scouts have. If there are different rules, where can I find these?

Hi Tessa.No you are not cheating if you add different wheels.Im in girl scouts and im ppppprrrreeettttyyyy sure your not cheating.Check with your girl scout leader just to make sure.See ya!

Where can we get information on having a Powder puff derby? Several troops in MN want to have one.

Shirley -

I am from Mississippi Service Unit in Coon Rapids, and we just set a schedule to have a Derby in September. We are renting a track from a Boy Scout Pack in Blaine and had a location donated to us. Our Service Unit is getting ready to make this an annual event. I would be more than happy to tell you about our preparations.


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