More than 2 GB from Google Gmail?


Yesterday Google Gmail announced that they were upping storage limits from 1 GB to 2 GB. Actually, more than that, according to their What's New page: " beyond 2 GBs by giving you more space as we are able." Depending how you count, 2 GB equals 2000 MB or 2048 MB. Either way, my account is already showing 2051 MB. There's a counter on the front page that shows a continual increase in storage space (if you have an account, you'll have to log out to see it). It's apparently increasing at about 1 kB every 20 seconds. Will it ever stop?

Incidentally, I have gobs of invites for anybody that wants one.

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Site is great man. If you have any extra gmail invites, let me know.


Representing the family. Cool.
Please send a gmail invite.

Could you please send me a invite? Thanks.

thats extraordinary to exceed the 2GB limit , would u plz send me an invitation to Gmail .. thanks in advance

Ааану-ка ребятки голосуеи!!!

Признавайтесь проказники и вадльцы сайта ))))

ЧТО вы будете длать этим летом?!

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