We Saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Goodspeed Opera House

On Friday night Sherree took me to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Goodspeed Opera House. We've seen the film version many times (we own the DVD), and it's definitely a favorite.

Quick summary: In 1850's Oregon, Adam goes into town to trade goods and get a wife. He marries Millie and takes her home to the farm that same day. Millie is introduced to Adam's six slovenly brothers and begins to realize what she's gotten into. To send it all over the top, add a good bit of chauvanism, too. Let the comedy ensue.

I enjoyed the show quite a bit. There were a few more jokes than in the film version, and I think Millie's character was a lot more fun. It was interesting to see how the very large sets of the film were translated onto the small stage--which worked well, for the most part. Adam had an odd accent, though--I can only describe it as "ghetto-redneck." Frank was individualized from the other brothers by being a bit crazy. It was a nice touch, however I think he often strayed from "crazy" to "special," which I didn't like.

Incidentally, before the show we had dinner at the Gelston House, which had some pretty good food!

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