Book Review: The Zen of CSS Design



A while ago I got a copy of The Zen of CSS Design. This book is a complement to the CSS Zen Garden web site (an amazingly place unto itself). It offered some great help and ideas when I was creating the Scrapbook site design.

The book doesn't get into the "how"--it deals with more of the "why." That is, for the most part there isn't tutorial and instruction on using XHTML and CSS. There is a lot of information about choosing a layout, colors, type and accents to help you create an effective and intriguing site. It's not a book for the beginner; you really need to already be familiar with XHTML and CSS to get the full benefit of it.

The other thing The Zen of CSS Design offers is a great collection of online resources. The problem is that all the URLs are printed in the book so you have to type any and all of them that interest you. Happily, Dave Shea, one of the authors, has compiled all of the links for us.

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