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Having recently moved from Adobe Photoshop Album to Adobe Photoshop Elements for cataloging our photos, and having recently completed a 19-disc DVD-R backup of those photos, I thought I'd provide a statistics update.

For reference, the last digital photo archive statistics update was made just over a year ago. It's interesting to compare the two!

This 19-disc backup was composed of 10,054 photos, which occupy over 82 GB of disc space.

  • Sherree took 1,583 photos, I took 8,302 photos, and 169 photos were taken by other people.
  • 1,800 photos were taken with Sherree's Canon Powershot A80, 4,261 were taken with my Nikon Coolpix 5700, and 2,888 photos were taken with my Canon EOS 20D. The remaining 1,106 are mostly slide scans, though some are photos from other people.
  • In June, 2005, we took 1,629 photos--mostly from our Wyoming vacation. In October, 2004, we took 1,346 photos--mostly from our Florida vacation. In most other months we've taken between 100 and 400 photos.
  • All of the photos are "tagged" with a total of 377 keywords. (Tagging with keywords makes it easy to find a specific photo.) The tags are broken into 10 major categories:
    • People.
    • Places.
    • Events.
    • Other. Assorted categories including Things, Projects, etc.
    • Film. Tags to describe scans.
    • Animals.
    • Nature.
    • Edited Photos. Tags for different sizes, like 4 × 6 and 8 × 10 are here.
    • Photographed by. Statistics are explained above
    • Camera used. Statistics are explained above.
  • The most-used tag in each category is below.
    • People: Boy Scout Troop 16, 884 photos.
    • Places: Connecticut, 2,674 photos.
    • Events: Vacation, 3,559 photos.
    • Other: Dan's Projects, 329 photos.
    • Film: Raw Scans, 254 photos.
    • Animals: Birds, 791 photos. And in that category, the Red Tail Hawk tag has 306 photos attached to it.
    • Nature: Waterfalls, 288 phtotos.
    • Edited Photos: 8 × 10, 8 photos. Yes, only 8--this is a newly-created category.

Compared to last year, there are nearly 2-1/2 times more photos--wow!

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I am learning Elements 3 and I saw this reference on DC Reviews in one of the forums. All help is usefull to me. Thanks

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