Tamiya Lunch Box Review, Part 1


Yesterday the UPS man delivered a new toy: a Tamiya Lunch Box R/C truck reissue! I ordered from Tower Hobbies. It was something of a childhood dream to have a Lunch Box, as I wrote previously (Tamiya Grasshopper and Lunchbox Reissues).

It probably doesn't matter much, but I noticed I've been calling it a "Lunchbox," when in fact it's actually the "Lunch Box." What a funny name.

As always, Tamiya packaging is wonderful. I took everything out and gave it a close inspection. I haven't built a 2-wheel drive car in a long time, and the Lunch Box looks much simpler than the others 4WDs I've played with in recent past. As the packaging says, there's an electronic speed control included; no mechanical speed control. I looked around briefly to see if I had an old MSC lying around that I could use for the full vintage effect, but I don't. The first thing I always do--despite the directions--is put the tires and rims together. In the photo below, the Lunch Box tire is next to a Bullhead/Clod Buster tire. I haven't glued the tires to the rims yet because I'm not sure if I want to paint them.

What color(s) should I paint the body? I kind of like bright yellow, like on the box. Does anybody have any suggestions?

In Part 2 I'll discuss building the Lunch Box, with lots of photos, of course!

You know, if Futaba were to re-release the Magnum Jr., I think I'd have to buy one of those, too!

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I love the fact that you wanted to use an old MSC.The lunch box loioks great!
I have a Vintage Midnight Punpkin that I was my first "new" RC. I have gone thru several body and paint stlyes. All the OEM parts are still in use.I even have original batteries and charger.

im thinking of getting a tamiya lunchbox. but its from a catologue for 200 pounds complete is that worth it

how do you get clod wheels and tires to fit a lunch box, i have seen it before so i know it can be done i just dont know how. thank you

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