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Leiska is the newest member to Our Little Stamping Group. I think that she is taking a liking to stamping and the paper crafts, but her first love lies with quilting. She is a wonderful quilt artist. Below are some photos of two of her quilts that recently were displayed in the Northeast Quilt Festival the weekend of July 29th. Both won ribbons, though I'm not sure in what categories. But I'm sure that you will agree that she deserved them!

This quilt is titled Flowers for You. It's 58" x 62" and the description in the festival program is as follows: "Combining the techniques of hand applique and quilting, dimensional flowers, embroidery and Celtic work were the basis for this quilt. For a more realistic look, hand-dyed fabric was used for the flowers. To enhance the design, dimensional Brazilian embroidery was used for some flower centers, the bees, dragonfly, and butterflies."

This quilt is called "Apple Study" by Velda Newman, It measures 34" x 25" and it's description read: "This wall hanging is a product of a 'Hand Painting in Fabric' or 'Apple Study' workshop given by Velda Newman. All hand work applique, embroidery and quilting." Leiska even embroidered some little ladybugs on the apples if you look closely!

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Hi, Lieska

Well, there is only ONE Lieska that I know who makes those gorgeous quilts AND who does Brazilian Embroidery.

I was surfing around the web and came across your blog. Congratulations to you on a nice page.

Keep in touch!
Your friend, Rosalie

Wow, those quilts are excellent! I, never in my life could do the same job.

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