Some of the People I Work With


At the end of this week--September 30--I'll be leaving the ARRL. I thought having some photos of the people I worked with might be neat. In order to be a little goofy and have fun with it I used Sherree's little PowerShot A80 camera by just stretching out my arm next to the person and snapped the photo. It brought lots of laughs and was fun.

Then Joel mentioned something about "having a website" and I realized I should put these here. So, in 1995 early-web fashion, here's a page of photos of the people I work with, along with a brief description. All of these people work in the graphics/production area.

This is Shelly. She's my best friend at the League; we're almost "attached at the hip." She always has weird computer problems that are solved just by yelling "Dan!" As soon as I step foot in her office everything works again.

This is Sue. She does lots of cool design work and has gone a long way towards helping me become a better photographer by challenging me with a great assortment of things, including the 2005 Handbook Cover photo.

This is Devon. He's the new guy here. I really don't know anything about him except that everybody is impressed with the quality of and speed with which he does all sorts of tech illustrations. I think I weirded him out when I leaned in to take this photo.

I would include a photo of David if he were around, but he's on vacation this week. I won't hold that against him, though.

This is Jodi. She does a lot of the production (layout) work. After I'm gone, she'll be the Adobe InDesign brain. She didn't like these pictures and thought I should have had somebody else take them.

This is Joe. He's also a production (layout) person. He and I talk about movies a fair bit. We used to be closer. I remember him and I tracking down food at department parties together and stuff like that.

This is Maty. She always helps me with all kinds of little things that... well, I need help with. Our desks are separated by a wall and we always talk about cutting a hole in it to make it easier for us to communicate, but we never seemed to get around to it.

This is Steve, my boss. He's so mean. He expects me to work every single day I come in. He's definitely not a Bill Lumbergh, though, (from Office Space) so I can't complain too much.

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