Ryan Kennedy for Board of Education!


I recently learned that Ryan Kennedy is running for the Board of Education in Middletown, CT (see the Middletown Republican Town Committee website). Ryan was a Scout in Troop 16 when I was Scoutmaster there, and became an Eagle Scout earlier this year. He's still active as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this is that he'd be "young blood." I believe that a young person having such an active role would be a very good thing. Youth represents hope, brings new ideas, and is probably less pessimistic than someone who's older and has been there longer. Party affiliation doesn't even enter into it--I'd vote for Ryan just for his youthful attributes.

I kind of wish I had a story to tell about him--something along the lines of what his brother did once (forgot to pack any socks on an April campout)--but I don't have anything embarassing like that on him.

Actually, I do have a little story about him to share. During his Scoutmaster Conference for Star rank (I think it was Star, anyway) one of the things he told me was that he wanted to be a role model. He said this in typical Ryan fashion: very thoughtful, head looking up, tapping his chin, and with a little laughter. He concluded, "but I'm not sure how to do that. Or even who would want me as a role model." I wonder if that aspiration helped push him to want an active role in the community.

A little poking around let me find a gigantic headshot of Ryan on the Middletown Republican Town Committee website. Even though he appears freakishly larger-than-life here, I believe his attitude, outlook, and enthusiasm would make him a great member of the Board of Education, and Middletown would be lucky to have him. Vote for Ryan Kennedy!

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