Hammonasset Family Picnic/Campout


This past weekend I was at Troop 29's family picnic/campout. It's sort of a "welcome back" event. Many of the Scouts and adults who were there went on a 25-mile bike trip around the area. I didn't go biking, so only took a few photos of them preparing to leave.

http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3872_edited-2-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3873_edited-2-thumb.jpg

I wouldn't normally bring my R/C cars along on a campout, but since this was a less formal campout, I thought it might be fun. (Plus I needed some action photos for the next piece of the Lunch Box review!) The Scouts enjoyed running the Lunch Box and Bullhead; maybe I'll have to bring more cars another time.

http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3882_edited-1a-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3890_edited-1-thumb.jpg

There was some other activity while we were there, too: monarch butterflies everywhere, crazy flying contraptions, and Cub Scouts firing rockets.

http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3906_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3909_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3914_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2005/10/_MG_3916_edited-1-thumb.jpg

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