Assorted Usability

Fiddling with a bunch of things will--hopefully--make MythTV a little easier for us to use.

I previously wrote about channel descriptors (or more correctly, a lack of them). I've been able to work through that fairly easily with the MythWeb interface to the database. Changing the callsign and name fields let me get some useful info there. I don't see much info on MythWeb, but you can get to it by entering http://myth ip address/mythweb/; it's pretty self-explanatory to use.

There are a number of different themes available. Titivilius is the "default" theme, but I think I like Retro a little better. I like the SGI Qt Style. I haven't picked an On-Screen Display style yet, but I really don't like the default.

MythBurn is very slick, and I hope it's something Sherree will like using to easily archive her favorite craft shows.

I've finally moved our MythTV system into the living room, where it is recording many programs for us. The big concern I've had is video quality, as the cable connection in our "office" is terrible. Happily, the living room connection is quite good, and the resultant picture quality after being encoded still looks great.

The one big problem we still have is that I haven't found a modeline that works with our TV yet, so it's a little tough to really give a work-out.

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