Channel Icons and VNC

Getting channel icons and installing VNC are two good usability steps that should be done for any MythTV installation.

I followed the KnoppMyth Wiki instructions for adding channel icons to the on-screen guide. The steps were clear and easy to follow, however only two icons were found--HBO and TMC--and we don't get either of those! At the bottom of that HowTo is a link to a thread about how to manually insert an icon, but at this point doing all 60-some of them one at a time just isn't worth it.

Currently, the channel guide just lists the channel number ("Channel 42"), which isn't too useful. I'd prefer to have the callsign in addition to the icon--but I'd settle for the callsign. But I can't find how to change that.

Installing x11vnc went easily. VNC allows a remote dekstop and will let me log onto our MythTV computer from another computer to perform maintenance or whatever--while still watching TV with it.

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Why would you use VNC rather than SSH? Do you need a GUI to whatever it is you are doing to it?

I've been struggling with this icon thing, too. I've got about 8 of them; I've kinda given up on that. My problem is with the fact that in the guide, each channel says "Adding Channel 12" (example). Does anyone know how to edit the name of the channel?


If you are using zap2it, then you should not tell the capture card to scan for channels, that overwrites the channel names zap2it provides. The capture card can use the zap2it data to tune directly. Then all of your channel icons should autopopulate.

Regardless if you want to edit channel data, use another computer or the same myth computer to connect to Mythweb. Then go to settings>Mythtv channel info. Channel data is right there to edit.

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