Trail Mix Entered into The Style Contest


I designed for The Style Contest

I've entered The Style Contest. It's a contest to create some unique themes for Movable Type, TypePad, and Live Journal-powered web sites. If your site is built with one of those three tools, it's a simple matter to drop any of the contest entrants into your site to get the look and feel they offer.

My entry is called Trail Mix. The primary elements to it are trail mix on the bottom, a zip-lock bag at the top, and the title hand-written on duct tape. There are plenty of other little details to it, though, like hand-drawn arrows. You can rate my design--and getting a high rating would be cool--but it doesn't help in the judging.

The judging doesn't happen until mid-May, so there's still plenty of time to see more designers enter.The downside is, it'll be harder to win that $4000 grand prize with many entrants!

Update: I wrote a little about image replacement and my submission on Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type: The Style Contest, Trail Mix, and Image Replacement, where I also built the Duct Tape Title Generator©!

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