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I haven't been using Google Notebook for very long, but it's just the sort of tool I've longed for. I often want to bookmark and add a little note to myself about why I wanted to save it, but there really isn't a good way to do that. Similarly, I very frequently find tidbits of information I want to keep, instructions on a topic to save for later, or ideas for a project--all of which I want to add some of my own notes to. To accomplish these kinds of tasks I just send myself an e-mail with the information, but Google Notebook is definitely a better (and easier) way. Try it out!

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I have never used the Google Notebook, partly because I also have no time to note, but I think it's a good idea to have one :)

Dan and Sheree, Thanyou VERY much for the article 'My Inspiron 1100 is overheating again'. This is just what I was looking for as a friend (a missionary nurse in Paraguay) has my old Inspiron 1100 and it trips out after 10 minutes or so on Microsoft Word. We were just about to replace it with a '6400' when I saw your article, which I'm passing on to one of her friends who may be able to try it out. May I make a $10 contribution? Many thanks again, Jim PS. I coudn't find the pictures.

Google Notebook is really good for copy-pasting things from the net, but what if you're in a context where you're actually taking notes in class or in a meeting or just need to pound and collect some plain text?

If you want a pure text note taking solution that is absurdly quick, barebones, and focuses on data entry check out for taking notes online.

AyeNotes was wired for text only notes. Its key feature is that it provides clips for frequently used strings. These can be templates you type, terms you use (action items, research, etc.), or it can be programmer-esque things like HTML and Markdown.

The site also autosaves the work and provides keystroke. If you have the site remember the login, everytime you go to to take notes online you are dropped right into the new note screen. To get your data out, you can email or download the note in multimarkdown format.

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