X-Men: The Last Stand Review

Based on most reviews, I think I'm one of the few: I didn't enjoy X-Men: The Last Stand anywhere near as much as I thought I would. The action and effects were great, character development was more and better than in either of the previous films, and the story was pretty good, too. But there were two parts I really didn't like (with potential spoilers ahead):

The whole Jean Grey/Phoenix thing just seemed unnecessary and added at the last moment. That is, I think the Phoenix deserves more attention, and the story kind of left me thinking that Brett Ratner and crew realized that a 1-hour movie wasn't long enough, and they wanted to make it more dramatic by killing off some important characters.

I like movies that don't end perfectly. But did The Last Stand end with any positives? Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Professor X are dead, and Rogue, Magneto and Mystique have lost their powers. Changing one major character's future is one thing, but six of them? (Yes, the end eludes that Magneto may be getting his power back; and though I didn't see it, after the credits apparently Professor X contacts Moira MacTaggert, so maybe he isn't dead.)

Oh yeah, I thought that whole "level" thing was dumb. Level 3 mutants, Level 5 mutants, etc.

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I am an extremely big fan of X-MEN or any Marvel movie for that fact. I know alot about it and when you go to a movie you expect them to at least do their homework. There was somewhat of a message in the movie: If you had a cure for supposite imperfections would you...... So on and so forth, but he did not at all keep to the origins of the characters. There were alot of last minute cameos added and that's exactly what they were. You only saw them at the last minute. And why was Angel even in there? He was useless and didn't even link to the plot.

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