Troop 29 at the Fall Camporee


Last weekend was our district's fall camporee, and Troop 29 made a great showing. We took first place in the gateway and dessert cooking competitions and had an awesome time with the catapult, despite some terrible weather.

The Scouts used a lot of pumpkins to complete our lashed-together gateway. It made a huge mess, cleaning and cutting all of the pumpkins. A few of us gathered the seeds to roast in a dutch oven for a snack!

_MG_5598_edited-1.jpg _MG_5625_edited-1.jpg _MG_5653_edited-1.jpg _MG_5654_edited-1.jpg _MG_5650_edited-1.jpg _MG_5658_edited-1.jpg

The Troop has two big canopies, so we set one of them up for the Scouts to build the gateway under, and the other for everything else. It worked out well.

_MG_5652_edited-1.jpg _MG_5642_edited-1.jpg _MG_5666_edited-1.jpg _MG_5669_edited-1.jpg _MG_5672_edited-1.jpg

After the gateway was finished, several of the adults carried the canopy up to the parade field where the catapult competition was going to be held. We thought a dry-ish work area could provide a great advantage, since there was nothing in the rules about it!

_MG_5681_edited-1.jpg _MG_5689_edited-1.jpg _MG_5724_edited-1.jpg _MG_5737_edited-1.jpg _MG_5788_edited-1.jpg _MG_5800_edited-1.jpg

The last piece to the weekend was the dessert cooking competition. A handful of our Scouts worked together to make a blueberry-apple crisp. After the judging we brought it back and hid by the trailer to eat it all! It was phenomenal stuff--as I said after gorging myself on all I could get, I felt gluttonously dirty.

_MG_5807_edited-1.jpg _MG_5822_edited-1.jpg _MG_5824_edited-1.jpg _MG_5815_edited-1.jpg

A great campout!

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