Merry Christmas! (A Day Late)


Merry Christmas! On Sunday--Christmas Eve--my family came for a get-together. On Christmas Day, Sherree and I stayed home for a low-key day. View a few photos from the fun!


On Sunday some of my family came to visit: brother Chris, Mom, Dad, Grammy, Aunt Linda, Uncle Barry, and cousins Brandon and Aubrey. We had a buffet style lunch with BBQ chicken, chili, pigs in blankets and a bunch of other goodies.

_MG_5945_edited-1.jpg _MG_5943_edited-1.jpg _MG_5952_edited-1.jpg _MG_5947_edited-1.jpg _MG_5962_edited-1.jpg _MG_5969_edited-1.jpg

On Monday, Sherree gave me a 50 mm f1.8 lens for my camera, and I used it to take some photos of Pinball. All at f1.8, of course! Yes, she's pulling her favorite toy (a hair elastic) out of that box!

_MG_5988_edited-1.jpg _MG_5992_edited-1.jpg _MG_5997_edited-1.jpg _MG_6000_edited-1.jpg

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