I Have Trouble Finding Shoes That Fit Well


Shoe-shopping with me is terrible (just ask Sherree). I'll try on a dozen different styles, and often don't find one that fits right. I don't have freaky, misshapen feet, but finding a pair that fits well always takes quite a while.

Boots always seem to fit fairly well. I think this is because they lace up higher, over my ankle. This holds my heel into the shoe's heel cup a little better than a low-top shoe does. I have a pair of Asolo boots that fit well. The EMS Boot Fitter tells me I probably have a narrow heel, and that's why my heel moves around a bit, which makes sense.

But for everyday wear, I prefer low-top shoes. Merrell's have always fit pretty well. The EMS Boot Fitter's results for narrow-heel and medium forefront-width support that Asolo and Merrell shoes should fit well.

But of course, I want to wear other shoes than just by those two companies.I've tried many others (The North Face, Timberland, Keen, Salomon, etc.) and had only limited success. Until others create a Boot Fitter guide like EMS has done, or manufacturers tell us more about what kind of feet their shoes will best fit, I guess I'm just left trying all of them on.

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Timberland has a PreciseFit technology that is offered in 17 different styles! Check it out ...

You know, for me finding ‘good” shoes is also a trouble! I can spend several
days in shops before buy those fitting well.

Gah. I totally know this feeling. I have an impossible time finding dress shoes that fit right. I've even sometimes wasted money on shoes that almost fit and then lived to regret it when my feet hurt after wearing them for a while.

I have relatively narrow feet and especially my heel in comparison to my foot length. I have one pair of boots that are about high-top sneaker height. My heel doesn't slip in these because of the extra height, but they do in most standard height dress shoes I own. I don't think the rest of my foot is as narrow as my heel, though.

I ended up spending $250 on a narrow pair of calf-leather shoes which are beautiful, but crease at the front of my foot, and rub the top of my foot right behind my toes and over the balls of my feet. I really can't wear them for long because they rub the top of my foot in the front and they still slip a little in the heel area (and are not very padded inside).

I really wish I could find something that fit right. Maybe an experienced old-time shoe person who could take accurate measurements and give me good advice. I wish I could find someone like that but it's hard to with employees making almost nothing most places and most shoes being mass-manufactured in only a few sizes.

Let me know if you find anything good. I'll have to check out the Merrells. Maybe they would work for me.

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