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Almost since the beginning of this site (nearly four years ago), we've used one company to keep this site going: HostPC. They do a great job.

December 2007 Update: I need to remove my recommendation for HostPC. After having several significant problems that they were unwilling to offer any help with, we left them to find a better host: Media Temple.

HostPC has proven themselves a reliable webhost: uptime has been great. Of the times this site has been down most have been my fault, and the few others are server-related. The server I was on did have a drive fail once, but we were back up and in business again in short order. We're regularly moved to newer, faster machines, too. (The biggest outage was due to Hurricane Wilma and the datacenter were in, but that isn't really within their control.)

I'm happy to say that I've learned a lot in the time we've had danandsherree.com, so I use support a lot less than I used to. The support staff at HostPC is capable, however. Tickets are answered quickly, or are quickly escalated to somebody who can answer them.

Good prices, full-featured packages, and an easy-to-use control panel (DirectAdmin) round things out and make HostPC a great host!

(And yes, those are affiliate links above. We get a little kickback if you sign up through one of our links!)

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