Shifting into Gear

It's not a dream anymore--we own a business: uiNNOVATIONS. Our web design/Movable Type start-up still has a lot of work to do--legally, we're still uiNNOVATIONS, LLC (as opposed to just uiNNOVATIONS), for example--but the LLC filing paperwork has come back. As of April 12, 2007, at 8:30 am, it exists.


The ui stands for user interface. We're going to focus on the idea that the user interface and user-experience are core components to a successful site. And that helped us see the name: u-i-no-vations.

I think the end is in sight as far as official/legal paperwork goes, but there's still a lot to do: transfer things to the business, build a web site, create visual identification (logo), and so on. But some of the other biggies are out of the way--just last night I opened a business checking account at the bank, for example. It's both very exciting and very intimidating, but it definitely makes me happy.

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Awesome Dan! It is pretty exhilerating, and while a bit confusing at times, the day you deposit that first check makes it all worthwhile. Way to go!

And that’s great! Good start!

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