Looking back on the holidays, Girl Scout Style

Most people realize how busy I have been the last 9 months or so. I have returned to school full time (or more) and have secured a full-time job as well. However, I still try to keep my Girl Scout troop as active as it usually is. Of course, as usual, I have not posted the photos of our events in a timely manner and I do apologize. We have been very busy, mostly with service projects including a book drive, several service unit events, and a collection of baby items to donate to newborns during Girl Scout week in celebration of its 95th anniversary.

I thought that I took a lot more photos over the year, but apparently they are lost or I'm just losing my mind. It is probably more the latter. Anyway, the girls ran a Thanksgiving Craft Night last November. Here are a few photos of that:

Estelle%20at%20Thanksgiving%20Night-1.jpg Sam%20at%20Thanksgiving%20Night-1.jpg Diane%20at%20Thanksgiving%20Night-1.jpg Bronwen%20at%20Thanksgiving%20Night-1.jpg Frame%20Table%20at%20Thanksgiving%20Night-1.jpg

As another service project, our troop volunteered to set up a Christmas tree at the Bristol Public Library. The Friends of the Library hosts a Festival of Trees annually. We decided to go with a Girl Scout theme by making a garland of Girl Scout paper dolls available at Making Friends. The bottom was trimmed with what else but Girl Scout cookie boxes, of course!

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