Our New Nintendo Wii


...is sitting in the living room, in the box, still taped shut.

I finally decided this morning was the time to get up and get moving early so I could get in line at Toys R Us to buy a Nintendo Wii. I arrived there about 8:15 am, was surprised there was no line (two weeks ago there was), and about 9:15 the doors opened for me to buy one, along with two other people. When I got back home Sherree was quick to point out that she had to get a paper done for school and that her new Cricut Machine--that she's had for several weeks now--has yet to be opened. So I couldn't open the Wii. Harumph.

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Hey dan long time no talk...just decided to check out your page and hey i think your pretty lucky guy currently w/ a Nintendo Wii sitting in your living room. I wanted one but still a bit pricey seeing as though i dont have a job right now :( well TTYL

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