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A while back, we went to Braza, a Brazilian, all-you-can-eat, steakhouse. Servers walk around with skewers filled with all different meats: steak tips, ribs, brisket, chicken, pork, sausage, the list goes on and on. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Sherree and I both thought the salad bar was fantastic -- perhaps one of the best we've been to. The salad greens were all varied and crisp and there was lots of other goodies to add to a salad. I put some garlic parmesan dressing on that was tasty and unique. There were some other types of salads there, as well as soups, a variety of breads and rolls and some other good stuff. Top-notch.

Some "standard" sides are brought out: mashed potatoes and yucca fries are the only things I really remember. Tasty, but unexceptional.

The main dish is the variety of meats. As I said, steak tips, beef ribs, brisket, a few kinds of pork, and different sausages. Their website says each night they have between 12 and 15 different kinds of meat. When you see something you want, the server will just pop a piece off the bottom of the skewer, or cut a slice off for you. Most of the meats are prepared rather plainly, the idea being that you can get a good taste of the meat, rather than whatever seasoning is on it. That sounds like a great idea, but after about 8 different kinds of meat it would have been nice to have a little more seasoning to liven things up. But then, I prefer some kick to my food, and Sherree does, too. An obvious exception to the no-seasoning rule was some parmesan-crusted pork that was really tasty.

Braza is definitely a restaurant worth visiting for the salad bar and to try the assortment of meats. However, I think that's probably about it; we probably won't go back in the future.

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