America’s Got Talent

I am a reality show geek, but I only really like the competition shows like The Amazing Race. Last year I fully enjoyed America's Got Talent, but I won't be watching this season after the Las Vegas call back show.

I thought that Sharon Osbourne was a great addition to the show from last year, as well as Jerry Springer. Though there was still an emphasis on musical groups, there was more balance this year including other non-musical talent. The judges were also more objective overall, which I appreciated.

I was very disappointed on Tuesday night when the baton twirler guy did not make it to the cut. He was so good! He is tremendously more talented and entertaining than Boy Shakira. And I thought that if Boy Shakira made the final cut of 20, I wouldn't watch because that meant that more talented contestents would not have a chance at the prize.

I was right. Acts like Boy Shakira, the lasso guy, the group Johnny Come Lately (who did not do great during the audition), and the older magician made it through. The blond magician (the student of the older guy) was so much edgier and more entertaining than his old teacher! I couldn't believe that they sent him home and sent through the very silly dancer guy. The comic was hilarious and the judges did not let her through. The final nail in the coffin for me was not bringing the Redneck Tenors through -- as they said, they are what this show is about.

It's sad that the excellent and deserving groups get dumped on. I have no interest in seeing the rest of the season. If I had to pick someone to win, I hope that it's The Faultline. Other choices would be The Glammazons, Cas Hailey, the Second Story Guys, or Butterscotch.

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