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Yesterday we were talking about adding new material to and how it's sometimes difficult to find topics to write about. Other times, however, there's an abundance of great ideas. Sometimes we start writing those ideas down, but actually... we rarely do that. The Earl List is some motivation to always write down the idea, and to be able to watch ourselves meet our goals.

And yes, the idea for the name came from the show My Name Is Earl.

It's important to note that The Earl List is not a master list of all of the content on this site, nor is it a list of all of the entries written from this point forward. The list is specifically and only for ideas we have but haven't written yet, for whatever reason. That means that when I decide to write an entry right after seeing a movie, for example, it won't be a part of the list. But The Summary Skit--something I've thought about writing for several years--is on the list because I haven't done it yet.

We'll add our ideas to The Earl List as they come to us. The idea will be added to the end of the list, and it'll keep growing. As we write those entries on the list, they'll become linked. In that way, everybody will be able to see us make progressing at "crossing off" items from the list. And, hopefully, being a public, published list, it will push us to keep going!

(Oh yeah, this entry is on The Earl List. There wasn't a huge time lapse between when it started as an idea and when I published it, but it took a little while to make the backend work well with this idea... so I figured it was a good start. Plus, I needed to verify that it all worked!)

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