Getting Ready for Christmas (So Early?)

I wouldn't call myself a hard-core crafter, but I do enjoy making things, especially around the holidays. Anyone who does the same knows that it takes months to make cards, gifts, and decorations. So, yes, I will post this during summer time -- we should have started by now to get everything done! (That is why craft stores have Christmas stuff in the stores right after school starts!)

Of course this year, as in last year, my very little free time is tied up with school -- papers, observations, portfolios, and the such. I know most of you out there are just as busy. So, if you are looking for your head start on Christmas crafts, find some ideas here! I will do several postings over the next few weeks of things that I have done or seen. Hope it inspires you!

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I haven't even started my cards or even gotten any ideas for cards! I need to get motivated!

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