A Short Christmas Wish List


If you're looking for some ideas of things we might like for Christmas, here's a short list that will hopefully get you started.

For both of us:

  • Gift cards for restaurants
  • Queen sized fleece (or some other warm) blanket, preferably a deep blue color
  • Queen sized sheets, also a deep blue
  • Tea kettle --Thanks, Robin!

For Dan:

  • An umbrella: something not too big, not too small. Perhaps something like this.
  • Still Smokin'
  • WCCC Planet of Sound III CD, available at FYE
  • Cars and Ratatouille DVD to finish our Pixar collection (in widescreen, of course).
  • Jersey Girl

For Sherree:

  • New towels. Color-coordinating to bathroom colors. Yet to be chosen.
  • *Foot massager
  • The popcorn sampler we saw at Linens and Things
  • *Sneakers- New Balance 621, size 9 Wide
  • Warm, fuzzy Smartwool socks like the ones that I have
  • Jeans, Size 24, Light Stone color, or a Kohls gift card so I can get jeans and more clothes for student teaching
  • Snow brush for the car
  • Thick-barreled, medium point pens, purple, green, and/or orange
  • Pocket calendar
  • Borders Gift Card
  • Staples Gift Card
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • Dunkin' Donuts Gift Card
  • *Plaid Skirt, size P2XL, use priority code 7FE
  • Pajama Set, size 2XL, Cats or Penguins
  • *Boots, Size 9 Wide, Black
  • Sweaters, Size 2XL, colors *chocolate, medium heather gray, and ash rose, use code GZ7535
  • Creative Memories stuff- Dan and Katie have the list

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