Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Review

I recently finished listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I enjoyed it much more than The Sorcerer's Stone. Spoilers within.

Chamber of Secrets was written to an older audience which--above all else--made the book more enjoyable. The book was written in a much more descriptive fashion, including using some more abstract writing through metaphors. The whole book felt more even and built towards ultimately learning about the Chamber of Secrets.

I enjoyed the mystery of the whole story. Harry was hearing unexplainable voices and several characters were introduced whose purpose wasn't clear: chiefly, Professor Lockhart and Tom Riddle. The basilisk and spiders brought a new element to the story, perhaps just by making non-humans have notable roles. I really enjoyed that Voldemort was the one Harry had to face--again, sort of.

I've watched the movie but aside from the beginning with Dobby, I don't really remember any of it. Was the movie that unmemorable?

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