Goober the Hamster Escapes, Again


On Thursday morning after Sherree crawled out of bed, she noticed Pinball sitting in the corner, staring intently. What's she up to? As you can likely guess by the title of this post, she was watching Goober.

Pinball really enjoys watching Goober, but wants to keep her distance. Pinball doesn't like it when Goober is in the ball and rolls into her. When we (purposefully) let Goober run around--while we're on the couch watching TV, for example--Pinball keeps a close eye on her, but doesn't want to be touched. It was the same thing Thursday morning: she just wanted to watch Goober.

After the previous escape we put a lock on Goober's cage. The lock was still there. She figured out how to pop the back of the cage apart and crawled through the opening. The cage is a CritterTrail X by Super Pet. We'll be looking for a new cage, and I'm sure it won't be made by Super Pet!

What did Goober do on this adventure? Everything, it seems. Sherree found her only a few feet away from her cage, however that doesn't mean she didn't run through the whole apartment--she did! Goober's cheeks were stuffed when Sherree found her, and it turns out she had Mikey's food. Since Mikey's food is in our bedroom, it's entirely possible that she was on our bed again! Another remnant of her adventure I found is that the wires for the computer speakers have been chewed through!

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This has made my human really paranoid that I'm going to bash my cage door down and make a run for it! Hmm now there's an idea.

Love from Arthur Merrylegs x

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