Smoking a Pork Shoulder (and Playing Wii)

Last weekend we used our smoker to turn a small pork shoulder into pulled pork sandwiches. We used Alton Brown's recipe for the brine and rub. We used Sherree's recipe for the barbecue sauce, which is available in our cookbook.

After smoking for about eight hours and resting an hour, the pork just fell apart. About that time our friends Chris and Lisa showed up to help taste test: the bark was excellent, and mixed with the sauce it made fantastic sandwiches! The brine and rub tasted good, and now that we've had a success we'll start using some different recipes.

pork-wii-1.jpg pork-wii-2.jpg pork-wii-3.jpg pork-wii-4.jpg

After our pulled pork sandwiches we introduced Chris and Lisa to the Wii and the fun it holds! We also sacrificed a chocolate bunny to make fondue, yum!

pork-wii-5.jpg pork-wii-6.jpg

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