Dressing Up Gift Cards

I previously created a post which showcased a book I made for my Dad in order to present a gift card. Making a gift card more of a gift is something that I've done a lot over the last few years. It just makes it more fun while also allowing the recipient to still use it as they would like.

Last Christmas, we gave Dan's grandmother another gift certificate to Schwans, a company that she uses a lot to stock her freezer with yummy dinners. But, we didn't want to just give her a piece of paper. So, I made a cardboard card and Dan wrote a poem for the inside. It took little effort, but made the gift a little more extra special!

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The poem read:

Rudolph's nose is bright red,
   An undecorated Christmas tree is green.
It’s hard to say--you may have liked this gift
   A little more when you were a teen.
(At least, I remember adolescent Jim
   As the one who licked the stroganoff pot clean.)

We know this gift isn’t too original--
   For a while now, we’ve given you one each year.
But it’s something that you can use
   When your stomach screams at you, “Hey! Down here!”
With a gift card to Schwann’s
   You don’t even need to be a great budgeteer!

We know you like the Chicken Cordon Bleu,
   though Gourmet Pretzel Twists look so very fine.
Fajitas are tasty and meatloaf is good...
   There’s so many choices that we’d probably whine!
But what are we saying, this isn’t right!
   With a catalog full of yummy food, you can yell out “mine all mine!”

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Nice post. I think the reason some people find giving gift cards impersonal is because they don't spend time on packaging the gift card. Just getting a little creative with the packaging goes a long way in making the receiver excited about the gift card they are getting.

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