E-mail Subscriptions Change


It's been forever and a day (maybe even longer) since I last sent an e-mail notification to our subscribers about anything new. If you're a regular reader you know that it's not for a lack of content. I've just been lazy about it, I guess.

And so, I changed the e-mail subscription system. Rather than using Movable Type's system, I switched to FeedBurner's. FeedBurner will automatically send notifications, so it'll happen much more... reliably.

How do you sign up? If you're visiting the site you may notice two new orange icons to the right of our photo in the header: the standard feeds icon and an e-mail icon. Click the e-mail icon and sign up! Of course, this is a great opportunity to grab the newsfeed, too, if you prefer. If you're reading this in e-mail, try the Up to Date? page for a sign-up form: http://danandsherree.com/up_to_date.php

Lastly, I'm discontinuing use of the old notification system. I did not move current subscribers to the new list. It's been so long since the last notification, you may not even remember who Sherree and Dan are! Or, maybe you're just not interested anymore. That's ok, too. We'll get over it.

By the way, if you're still reading, you might be interested to see photos from our recent vacation to Walt Disney World: http://danandsherree.com/2008/05/15/vacation_at_walt_disney_world.php

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