Vacation at Walt Disney World

We spent last week--May 3-10--on vacation in Florida, at Walt Disney World. Sherree's been there many times, and I've only been once (our 2004 vacation). My parents have never been there and we thought they'd enjoy it so we brought them along with us, and all had a great time!

We skipped amongst the parks throughout the week, but definitely spent the most time in Epcot, followed by Animal Kingdom. There are a small handful of rides and shows we didn't have time for, but no matter how you look at it, we did a lot.

The Flower and Garden Festival was going on at Epcot while we were there, so we took a lot of photos of the special plants and topiaries they had around.

Disney-2008-2.jpg Disney-2008-4.jpg Disney-2008-13.jpg Disney-2008-14.jpg Disney-2008-19.jpg Disney-2008-51.jpg Disney-2008-52.jpg Disney-2008-53.jpg Disney-2008-72.jpg

Just as last time, we wanted to meet some characters and get their autographs. My Mom was so excited-silly about meeting them all! I was able to get a photo with Mulan, who I didn't get to meet last time.

Disney-2008-15.jpg Disney-2008-16.jpg Disney-2008-18.jpg Disney-2008-29.jpg Disney-2008-46.jpg Disney-2008-55.jpg Disney-2008-57.jpg Disney-2008-58.jpg Disney-2008-67.jpg

We ate some really good food... and a lot of it!

Disney-2008-5.jpg Disney-2008-20.jpg Disney-2008-21.jpg Disney-2008-33.jpg Disney-2008-34.jpg Disney-2008-54.jpg Disney-2008-68.jpg Disney-2008-71.jpg

As I said, we spent the most time in Epcot. Both Futureworld and the World Showcase just have so much good stuff to see and do!

Disney-2008-1.jpg Disney-2008-3.jpg Disney-2008-6.jpg Disney-2008-7.jpg Disney-2008-8.jpg Disney-2008-9.jpg Disney-2008-10.jpg Disney-2008-11.jpg Disney-2008-12.jpg Disney-2008-17.jpg Disney-2008-56.jpg Disney-2008-73.jpg Disney-2008-74.jpg Disney-2008-75.jpg Disney-2008-76.jpg Disney-2008-77.jpg

We spent time in the Magic Kingdom, too.

Disney-2008-22.jpg Disney-2008-23.jpg Disney-2008-24.jpg Disney-2008-36.jpg Disney-2008-37.jpg Disney-2008-59.jpg Disney-2008-60.jpg

At the Animal Kingdom, we most enjoyed the Kilimanjaro Safari and the Pangani Forest Trek, but I think Sherree most enjoyed Expedition: Everest. The smaller walkways of this park make it more cramped than the others, which we didn't like.

Disney-2008-25.jpg Disney-2008-26.jpg Disney-2008-27.jpg Disney-2008-28.jpg Disney-2008-30.jpg Disney-2008-31.jpg Disney-2008-32.jpg Disney-2008-35.jpg Disney-2008-64.jpg Disney-2008-65.jpg Disney-2008-66.jpg

And last, but not least, is Disney Hollywood Studios. (When we visited in 2004 it was called MGM Studios. We wondered why they changed the name.) We enjoyed the Lights! Motors! Action! show quite a bit, and the Block Party parade was more fun than I expected.

Disney-2008-38.jpg Disney-2008-39.jpg Disney-2008-40.jpg Disney-2008-41.jpg Disney-2008-42.jpg Disney-2008-43.jpg Disney-2008-44.jpg Disney-2008-45.jpg Disney-2008-47.jpg Disney-2008-48.jpg Disney-2008-49.jpg Disney-2008-50.jpg

We played Fantasia miniature golf, too. Plus, Sherree and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba show, which was the highlight of the week for us (more on that over here). My parents thought we should take some photos after dinner at Le Cellier, so those are below, too.

Disney-2008-61.jpg Disney-2008-62.jpg Disney-2008-63.jpg Disney-2008-69.jpg Disney-2008-70.jpg

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Hiya Dan, what a super trip you all had and such great photos. You really do have a special eye for the camera... I love the amazing colours and especially your wildlife shots. Glad to see you managed to fit in a Safari, didn't even have to go to Africa for that. What an excellent memory for you all...maybe you should vacation more often ;)??

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