Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba Review

While on vacation at Walt Disney World, Sherree and I went to Downtown Disney for the Cirque du Soleil La Nouba show. Wow! This was the highlight of the week for us.

The thing we both liked best was the clowning. While only one act is called "Clowns," the show actually had several more, and many of the performers did many ... um, clown-like things. While I simply enjoyed how great their performances were, Sherree noted that a lot of what they did brought her back to her clowning class in college where she learned about a lot of classic techniques and approaches--which we saw the Cirque performers using.

Our other favorite were the Diabolos, who are very young girls (we estimate between four and six years old) working with wooden dowels balanced on a string. Their performance was awe-inspiring on many levels: 1) they're so young! I don't know what I was doing at five, but certainly nothing as exciting or impressive. 2) Balancing these spindles was something that obviously takes quite a bit of work and is exciting to watch, but then 3) they do crazy things like tossing them 20 feet in the air (or higher)--straight up! And catching them! 4) They added some tumbling and other acrobatics into their portion of the show, all the while keeping the wooden spindles active between them.

Sherree was also excited by the German Wheel, and I by the Cycles. But really, it was all spectacular! Another item worth mentioning--all the music is performed live. A great experience; highly recommended.

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If you haven't already, you have to see their other shows. Simply spectacular! They've been coming to Hartford every few years, but if you can't wait, buy, rent or borrow (from me!) the DVDs.

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