What Happened to the Flip-Out LCD?


On my old Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera there is a flip-out LCD screen. It's a fantastic thing, as I previously wrote:

The flip-out LCD is a fantastic thing for tripod-mounted and odd-angled work. Like when I want to hold the camera over my head to get a from-above style shot, I can use the LCD to help me frame the shot, rather than just guessing the composition. I hesitate to say the flip-out LCD is the greatest photographic invention since the CCD itself, but it really is that valuable.

Sherree's Canon Powershot A80 also has a twist and swivel LCD, and she also uses it heavily.

Sherree's camera is perfectly functional. It is, however, about five years old and ancient for a digital camera. I've thought about finding a replacement for her, but have only casually looked. The flip-out LCD is something she uses a lot and (though I haven't consulted her) is probably near the top of the list of requirements for a new camera.

I rarely look at the small point-n-shoot cameras, but I was quite disappointed to see that more current models don't offer the flip-out screen. I suppose it was done in favor of the large screen. On many cameras, it would need to work the other way with a 3" screen and a flip-out lens! So, here's a short list of the cameras I found with the flip-out LCD, the greatest camera invention since the CCD itself:

I hope I missed some cameras, but of the nearly-300 cameras available (according to B & H), that's still a disappointing showing for such an important advancement in photography. Or perhaps I'm overestimating the flip-out LCD's usefulness?

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This may fill the gap until camera manufacturers bring back the flip out feature. It is basically a mirror that adheres to the back of your camera allowing you to see your LCD from odd angles. I use one on my camera G10 and love it. http://flipbac.com

I agree completely about the swivel LCD. I have a Canon G2, also "ancient", and use the swivel feature 90% of the time -- even when shooting from normal elevations.

So I'm really disappointed to see it's gone away, though not really surprised. I can see that it must increase both bulk and cost a fair amount, and isn't really compatible with larger screens. Also mine has gotten a little "rattly"; it still works fine but I don't know for how long.

The flipbac looks like a useful gadget but I think It'd be hard to get used to aiming the camera with a mirrored mirrored LCD image.

I could not agree more about the value of the flip out LCD. I have a Cannon A620 thats a couple of years old. I use the swivel LCD on almost every shot. It has allowed me to take some great shots at odd angles. For example, I can bring the camera within 3" of a wall and still compose the shot from the side. There are so many photo opps that are simply impossible without the swivel LCD. I too would like to buy a high end DSLR but I don't want to give up the flip. The Cannon A650is is a a good camera but has only a middle of the road processor. And it seems to be dissapearing already from sellers shelves. I may have to buy one just as insurance for the day when my A620 gives up the ghost!


Check out the new G1 from panasonic it is a little more cash, more a mid price but it rocks and is litghter than a G10 cannon. By the way the Captcha at the bottom? What an annoying idiotic piece of crap that is! Took so many tries to read it, had to leave and come back. I wonder home many others just don't come back?

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