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I've spent just over a month working on a new plugin for Movable Type that I've named Poll Position. Simply, this plugin makes it easy to add polls and surveys to an MT-based web site. (The plugin's name is inspired by the great video game, Pole Position, but apparently it gets its roots from horse racing.)

Want to help test? Answer a question! I've created three polls to test with, and your participation helps me see that it's working correctly. Problems? Please leave a comment.

Summer picnic and party-time is here. What's your favorite?

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These surveys are obviously dealing with very serious material. Please, answer honestly.

What's your favorite color?

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What day of the week is it? (I'm curious to know what day people find this page!)

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Getting Poll Position working on is a good test for me to see how thorough I was in ensuring the plugin would work easily, and correctly.

For those looking for a little more information about Poll Position, what it does, and how to get a copy... well, you'll just have to wait a little. I haven't written any documentation yet. I can say that there will be a free version and a pay version, and what you're interacting with right now is the free version. Here's a few screen shots, too:

capture-1.png capture-2.png capture-3.png

I hope this has whet your appetite a bit!

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Impressive! Looks cool too. Voting went fine on Safari 3.1. Immensely curious what the commercial version will bring...

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