On Vacation


Today marks the first day of vacation for me! Well, vacation from the day job, anyway. Sherree has been on vacation since last week, when she left her daycare job (to take a break before she starts teaching).

Sherree has been cleaning. A lot. Our closets have been torn apart and are being reorganized. I am helping by sorting through (and throwing out) some computer junk, old camping gear, and plenty of different papers that was saved for some reason neither of us can remember now. Sherree has thrown out several bags of trash!

The goal is to clean up the apartment, of course, but also to create a better workspace for me, and a spot for Sherree to have a desk for schoolwork.

Doesn't sound like much of a vacation, does it! It doesn't end there: I've got some uiNNOVATIONS work, and there are some similar related tasks I want to tackle in preparation of the coming months.

I'm hoping we can squeeze some fun in. Tomorrow we will visit the New Britain Museum of American Art and next Saturday we'll be at the Terryville Fair. Hopefully there will be some other good times squeezed in there, too.

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