Nick & Drew’s Eagle Courts of Honor


(I can't believe I screwed up the title and wrote "Nick and Tyler," when it should be "Nick and Drew." Fixed!)

Several weeks have passed since I was at Drew's Eagle Court of Honor, and even more have passed since I was at Nick's. So, I decided to make one post about the two of them! They are both Scouts in Troop 29, and are both heading off to college right about now. (Yeah, there have been quite a few Eagle ceremonies that I've attended this year--and several I've missed, too!)

Towards the end of any Eagle Court, the new Eagle gets a few minutes to speak. Nick's words were particularly memorable for two reasons: he quoted Spiderman ("...with great power, comes great responsibility..."), and he gave a wonderfully funny backhanded comment to State Representative Frank Nicastro, delivered as only Nick can. (Something on the order of "Mr. Nicastro you're such a strong and moving speaker. I really look up to and admire that, because one day, I'm going to be better at it than you.")

nick-coh-1.jpg nick-coh-2.jpg nick-coh-3.jpg nick-4.jpg

Drew's Eagle Court was interesting because he didn't use the typical speech for the Eagle Charge (" are a marked man...") or the rest of the ceremony. Nick told me that he and Drew worked together to cull several ceremonies as well as rewrite what they had to make it fit him better.

Drew's ceremony also included a Powerpoint slide show of photos of his Scout career. I enjoyed that this was part of the Court of Honor--as opposed to just displaying a bunch of photos on a table somewhere--because everybody could laugh and enjoy them together.

drew-coh-1.jpg drew-coh-2.jpg drew-coh-3.jpg drew-coh-4.jpg

(Yep, there are two Drew's in our Troop--you may be remembering the other one's ceremony.)

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