One Month, Already

I can’t believe it, but one month has already passed since I started working full-time for uiNNOVATIONS. It’s gone well, too: we’re in the black!

The time really has flown by! Some days I have a full day of working for one client, other days I have a full day of getting a lot of tasks handled for several clients, and other days I have a full day of trying to do some work that is non-paying. Regardless, I seem to always have more to do than I can in a single day.


One of my goals has been to increase readership and ad revenue on this site, because it’s gone down quite a bit over the past year. At this point, the only way I’ve worked at increasing readership is by posting more frequently: over the past month I’ve posted roughly twice as many entries as the previous month. It’s been working! Ok, so the change hasn’t been miraculous, but we’re climbing again: some days have attracted 500 unique visitors! I hope to get up to 700 uniques per day by the end of the year.

I’ve been able to get more cleaning and setup done in my office, but still not as much as I wanted… not surprising, I suppose! Things are cleaned up and relatively neat (there was plenty of disarray a month ago), but I still haven’t hung any photos or moved my R/Cs in yet. I have added some new fish to my tank: dalmation mollies, and clown loaches.

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