Perfect Grilled Cheese

Making a great grilled cheese sandwich isn’t difficult, but there are a few tricks to make it turn out perfect.

  • Use a hearty bread. Light sandwich bread (like Wonder, for example) doesn’t bring anything to make the sandwich better, and squishes into nothing while you’re trying to eat the sandwich.
  • Use enough cheese so that it can be a gooey mess. One slice is not enough.
  • Put butter on the outside of the bread. It’ll help make the bread get crunchy.
  • And the real secret: cook it slow, over low heat. This lets the butter get well-browned and the cheese get all gooey.

Lastly — and I know this will cause a dispute — I put ketchup and mustard on my grilled cheese sandwich. It is, afterall, a sandwich and deserves a condiment.

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Okay, I know you are a good cook, so I will have to try to condiments suggestion. And I'm passing the link to Lisa... Grilled Cheese is one of her all-time favorite comfort foods!

I can definitely see the ketchup on the grilled cheese sandwich, the mustard however....hmmm....maybe we'll try it! Hey, while you're at it, why don't you put chips into the sandwich as well?!? Can't have a sandwich without chips!

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