Bolt Review

We’ve been laughing at the trailers and teasers for Bolt for months. Most specifically, all the clips with Rhino the Hamster have made us laugh so hard! We went out to see it over the weekend.

The basic premise of the story is fairly predictable: Bolt the dog ends up lost, and wants to find his way back to his owner. There are some details that aid in making the story funnier, but that’s the important part. Those little details offer enough to make such a standard story entertaining, though, so it did it’s job.

Comedy-wise, the movie starts off a little slow. We didn’t really laugh at all until Bolt was lost. And we didn’t laugh hard until Bolt meets Rhino the Hamster, which was probably nearly half-way through the movie. The whole action sequence in the dog pound was absolutely hilarious!

For quite a few years now, seeing a Disney animated movie really meant you were seeing a Disney/Pixar movie. Walt Disney Animation Studios hasn’t put anything out that has interested us in a long time—since Lilo & Stitch, I guess. Bolt is a nice change — it was worth seeing!

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