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I previously wrote about Harvest Feast at Joni’s Child Care. The other event that I enjoyed very much was the Art Show that the center put on each spring. Last year I wasn’t with the kids as they prepared because I was student teaching, but my substitute did a great job with the kids by helping them execute the works of art. Continue reading to see picures.

The Art Show is a time for the kids to express themselves in different medium as well as attempt to recreate different styles of famous artist. In the past I had kids paint dots with Q-tips to resemble Georges Seurat, paint a portrait of me in the style of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and splatter paint like Jackson Pollack. To get ideas, I first went to our local library and borrowed children’s art books. There was one in particular, I remember, that was about MOMA. I liked sharing that one with the kids and allowing them to explore the creation of different types of art.

It was very rewarding to allow the kids to express themselves while also working on skills and coordination. I would encourage the kids to look at a painting or subject, analyze the shapes and colors, and ask them to recreate it. As you can see, the kids added their own artistic eye to their works.

The following are pictures from my class’s art show last spring.

Art Show (1 of 17).jpg Art Show (2 of 17).jpg Art Show (3 of 17).jpg Art Show (4 of 17).jpg Art Show (5 of 17).jpg Art Show (6 of 17).jpg Art Show (7 of 17).jpg Art Show (8 of 17).jpg Art Show (9 of 17).jpg Art Show (10 of 17).jpg Art Show (11 of 17).jpg Art Show (12 of 17).jpg Art Show (13 of 17).jpg Art Show (14 of 17).jpg Art Show (16 of 17).jpg Art Show (17 of 17).jpg

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I was wondering if you have any pictures from the time you did Serat and painting with dots. These are great. We do an Arts Festival at my preschool too.

I unfortunately do not have any pictures of the Seurat paintings. What I did was show the kids an example of his work and we looked at how all the dots fit together to make the picture. Then I put out an egg crate with different colored paints and Q-tips. We talked about how to dip and dot, and then I let the kids go at it.

How did you make the Picasso pieces?

For the self portrait, each child took a turn sitting at a table with a mirror. I encouraged him or her to look at their face, find the colors and shapes, and then choose crayons to create what they see.

There was another class that made some Picasso-style pictures by cutting out facial features from various magazines and then letting the kids glue them on paper however they wanted.

Hope this helps.

How did you do the starry night by vincent van gogh as w have a preschool art festival as well. Tey were all so wonderful and thank you for sharing your ideas

Dear Sherree,
Thank you so much for the prompt reply on how to make the Vincent Van Gogh paintings because our art festival is in mid April.
Thanks again,

Im a pre-k teacher too! I love to have art sows for the kids parents. We use the money for new playground aqquipment

Thank you so much for this site, i have recently been thrown in the deep end in the art department at my primary school and we have an art show soon.. I'm stressing big time.. i'm wondering if you have term planners or lesson plans you can help me with.. kind regards Kim

Hello Kim-

I'm sorry to tell you that I didn't do full-blown lesson plans. Because I taught 3-year-olds, we had to cover reading, math, science, art, music and movement, writing, and dramatic play every day. I probably incorporated some of those elements somehow, but the art show was generally separate from the curriculum going on that month. Good luck with your show!

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